01. How much weight can your kiddie rides withsand?

Our kiddies withstand 50 kg (110.23 lb) per seat on a daily basis. Moerover, they can withstand up to 80kg (176.37 lb) per seat one moment in time.


02. Which is the load bearing of your attractions?

Our attractions have been developed to withstand an average 75 kg (165.35 lb) per seat.


03. I need different voltage & frequency specs (non European standards). Could I get your machines?

Do not worry! We will customise our machinery to your voltage & frequency specs. We have plenty of experience exporting our products worldwide.


04. Do your coin slots work with different national coins and game pieces?

Indeed! We can setup your coin slot so it can work with multiple combinations of coin & game pieces.


05. What parameters could I program on your machines?

Language (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic), sound volume, claim, number of games per coin, bonus points, game timing... And much more! Almost everything you require is programmable and adaptable to your needs.


06. What is the machines warranty period?

Our machines and their components have 2 years warranty period.


07. In case of break down or repair after the period of warranty, is the delivery of spare parts guaranteed?

This is our commitment! We guarantee any kind of spare parts up until 10 years after the product has been unlisted from our catalogue.


08. How do I contact Falgas for technical support?

Our after sales service will help you until your problem is solved. You can directly contact to our Technical Support Service (SAT): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


09. Where can I find spare parts of your machines?

Feel free to register to our online store (store.falgas.com) or via any other of our points of sale.


10. Do the machines have a manual?

Each machine is delivered with its own manual: spare parts, programming and user guide.


11. How long will take to receive my order?

The delivery time of your order will depend on availability and type of item you order.


12. How long will take for the delivery of spare parts?

24/48 hrs


13. Could you handle the product's transport & shipping?

Yes, we can handle the delivery of the product up to a required address.


14. Once I have received your machine, how do I start operating it?

Piece of cake! Remove its packaging material and plug it in your electricity supply!